Do you want to be a missionary?

Our work in missions

YWAM Norway sends out missionaries all over the world. They work primarily with church planting, evangelism, various kinds of humanitarian work and education.

Many of YWAM’s field workers use their education in their ministry, i.e. education, medicine, engineering, theology and diakonia, but we also send out people without any formal competence.

YWAM supports about 140 missionaries that are sent out to about 40 countries. These missionaries has been sent out for an average of nine years. Approximately 40 procent of our field workers are in areas with less than 2 procent Christians.

All YWAM field workers must have completed a DTS and is recommended to have gone through further education in University of the Nations, with schools like School of Missions, School of Pioneering and Leadership or School of Missional Communities.

YWAM Norway is a member of the umbrella organisations Norme and Digni. Through Digni YWAM receives financial support for aid-projects from Norad.