Would you like to help make the winter in Ukraine a little warmer?

The money YWAM has collected for the refugees in Ukraine has helped many.

Winter in Ukraine is approaching. Thousands of people have had their houses bombed.. Many of those who first fled the ravages of war to Western Ukraine and on to other European countries have returned to their homes. Many people live there with relatives, neighbors and friends. And some live in their destroyed houses.

Winter in Ukraine gets cold. And for people who do not have a home, for those who live where the infrastructure is destroyed and there is no possibility of heating, they face a terrible winter. Ukrainian authorities have announced that Ternopil in western Ukraine must prepare to receive up to 50,000 new migrants this winter, because it will be too cold for them to stay where they are in the eastern parts of the country.

Many Ukrainians desperately need help – will you join?

YWAM has so far built almost 100 temporary houses in villages around Kyiv. During the autumn, we will build a further 80 houses. We also provide housing and food to refugees arriving in Ternopil. YWAM has so far raised seven million kroner for our work in Ukraine. This has gone towards building houses, shelter, food and transporting poor refugees out of the war zones in the country. Now we need more to be able to help more people, so that more families can eat their fill and to provide housing for as many people as possible this winter. To continue helping, we need your help.